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Image by Hiroko Yoshii

Science into Practice

A few highlights of the ways

we are connecting with the wider world

to listen, learn, and share how

our science can be relevant and useful.

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The MPA Guide

What does the "protected" in protected area mean? How much of the ocean is effectively protected? Read more about our long-term, international collaboration to bring more clarity and transparency to how we plan, track, report, and actively manage MPAs worldwide.



We partner with Oregon Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, local communities and captains, and multiple labs at OSU to better understand how Oregon's MPAs are being used by fishes and people.

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The Science of Marine Reserves

Since 2002, we have been working in an international collaboration to catalyze, synthesize, and communicate scientific data about marine protected areas to help find solutions to the challenges facing our oceans.


Tales from the Sea

Marine scientists are witnessing first-hand how the ocean is changing. We have been working to compile their stories so others can share their experiences and calls to action. 



More SciComm

We are always looking for new ways to share our science and become better communicators of our work.

A few examples:

Podcast with The Story Collider

Editorial on ocean protection in The Conversation

Segment on juvenile fish, Oregon Field Guide

Piece on storytelling for Earth magazine

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