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Teaching and Learning

I value the opportunity to work with students and think actively about the way we discuss ecology, policy, and management with many different audiences, including those that have been historically excluded from these conversations and their outcomes.


Current courses or groups that Kirsten leads:

Image by Raimond Klavins

BI370: Ecology

Ecology is an ever-changing field that encompasses all aspects of our lives and the ecosystems in which we live. In this course we discuss the interactions between organisms (humans included) and their environment at scales ranging from populations to communities to the entire biosphere. Online format, every term.

Image by kilarov zaneit

Z507: Evaluating MPAs

Exploring the rationale, history, trajectory, and use of marine protected areas, especially different outcomes from MPAs with different protection levels. Work undertaken during this class previously  resulted in a peer-reviewed journal paper tracking the MPA commitments made at annual Our Ocean Conferences. In person.

Read the paper in Marine Policy here.

Image by Robert Anasch

Discussion Groups

Our group also has frequent topical, book club, and other listening and learning sessions.

Some of our recent reads:

How to Be an Anti-racist; Braiding Sweetgrass; All We Can Save; White Fragility.

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